Is this course accredited?

-Yes! The origianl and deluxe skills course is accredited through AANP for 13 CE credits. It is also recognized by ANCC.

How long will it take to complete?

-This will be different for everyone. You can do it as fast as you like or take your time. Many finish it in a day.

Do I get to keep all the simulation tools?

-Absolutely! You get to keep everything that we send you. You also get to keep access to the course and faculty forever!

What is the difference between the deluxe course and the standard course?

In the deluxe course you get more hands on simulation equipment. The content is the same but in the deluxe course you will get:

suture pad, sutures, suture tools, I&D trainer, cyst removal trainer, implanted contraception trainer, foreign body removal trainer and skin biopsy trainer.

In the original course you will get the suture pad, sutures and suture tools. This is a good option for someone that really just wants to focus on the suturing skills.

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