Aesthetic Medicine

Everything you need to know to start doing Botox and Fillers today!

In this course we will cover techniques to improve the appearance of your patients and add a new revenue stream for your practice!

You will get hands on practice in the comfort of your home with our simulation tool!

With our innovative teaching model you will be able to practice these techniques before ever touching a patient.

You can practice on your model over and over and have access to the training material forever!

We have developed this course with the knowledge base of leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. We are dedicated to keeping this course up to date so that it can be a one stop shop for your practice needs moving forward. We don't want to just train you, we want you to be able to come back to learn about what is new in the field!

Get training today and keep access forever!

What do you get with the course?

  • Simulation face
  • Insulin Syringes - 30G 1 mL 1/2"
  • Hypodermic Needle, Regular Bevel, 27g X 1 1/4"
  • 1 mL Syringe with Luer Lock
  • A Practical Guide to Botulinum Toxin Procedures by Dr. Rebecca Small MD FAAFP
  • A Practical Guide to Dermal Filler Procedures by Dr. Rebecca Small MD FAAFP
  • 24/7/365 Access to hours of lectures and course videos to hear about what you need to do, then see the procedure, followed by you practicing the procedure on your simulation face.
  • Resources for documentation and consent forms.
  • Have questions? Just ask in the online discussion forum of your course. Faculty will respond in 24 hours or less.

We are confident that with this course will bring you the hands on/one on one that you are looking for in a distance learning format. You will have all the resources you need to take your certification and start the aesthetics practice you have always wanted to bring to your patients. Don't pay thousands of dollars to have to travel to learn what you need just to forget it all two days! With our course you get everything you need and get to keep it!

Refresh at anytime!

NOTICE: This course is intended ONLY for licensed medical providers!
By purchasing, you affirm that you are a medical professional,
legally allowed to perform these treatments.

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