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Primary Care Procedures Standard Package - $399

Learning primary care procedures has never been easier! Use this online, self-paced course along with our simulation kit to build your confidence in primary care skills—get more familiar with suturing tools and materials, and use the practice to hit the ground running in your first job. Enroll in our class and receive your kit in one week—that’s all it takes to receive hands-on training and get the experience you need. 10 CE Credits


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Primary Care Procedures Deluxe Package - $499

The primary care procedures deluxe package helps you tackle a wider variety of primary care skills so you feel confident and comfortable your first job. Our simulation kit gives you practice with suture tools and materials, with simulators for foreign body removal, nexplannon removal, I&D, sebaceous cysts, and skin biopsy. Enroll in this course, and get your kit in a week. This is the total package for learning primary care skills—the best value so you can provide excellent care from day one. 10 CE Credits


SOAPnote Clinical Tracking - $60

You’ve been working hard on your medical skills—but are you staying on top of the organizational aspect of the industry? This is a critical tool for your success in the field—learn how to create and manage case logs, evaluations, and other clinical documentation. SOAPnote Clinical Tracking is a must-have for medical assistants—contact us to customize this tool for the requirements of your institution.


Finding Your Own Preceptor - FREE

With so many skills to learn and refine, many professionals entering the nurse practitioner world neglect a crucial part of the process: securing a clinical rotation. This free course empowers you from a professional perspective, giving you expert insights on writing emails to preceptors that get responses, useful email and social media scripts, and other important tools that can help you find opportunity and success as a NP. The best part? You can start the course right now.


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Provider Skills offers online CE courses that give you hands-on training to enhance your career. Have you recently graduated from your NP or PA program? Provider Skills can give you the necessary skills to help you hit the ground running at your first job. Our classes provide practical training in an online format—whether you're interested in primary health care course, aesthetic medicine training, or a variety of other courses. These courses are not just for new graduates, but for providers at any level that need to brush up on skills. You can learn at your pace, on your own schedule. Get started with Provider Skills today!